Christmas Under the Overpass

Written by Katie Flannigan and Illustrated by Katrina Fisher.

Published by Little Pink Dog Books, Australia – due for release 4 October, 2023

On Monday, a mattress appeared under the overpass.

On Tuesday, a blanket, and an upside-down box.

On Wednesday, most of a sofa.

On Thursday, a pile of clothes.

On Friday there appeared a rickety old man asleep on a rickety old chair.

‘We have a new neighbour!’ said Mum.

It is Christmas time, and a homeless man sets up a makeshift home under a bridge, across the river from Melody’s house. Their homes are different. Their lifestyles are different. Their cultures are different. What will Melody think about her new neighbour? How will they get on?

Christmas Under the Overpass is a delightful, sensitive, heart-warming story of compassion, curiosity, and empathy for the homeless and marginalized in society. 

This book explores the realities of homelessness, and the kindness of a child.